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The wrong mean is the new norm
The corporate need for ethical rigor has grown in direct proportion to the focus on “lean and mean” competitiveness. Having made “ruthlessness” a virtue has turned responsibility into a vice. Many factors are contributing to this ethically harsher business environment. One particularly damaging managerial fallacy is the conventional wisdom relating to “lean and mean” business practices. Mistaking meanness for excellence has contributed to the culture of ethical laxity, and done immeasurable harm to shareholder value, employees, the environment and global society as a whole.
Read full article | April 11, 2005
Broken busyness
Many people acknowledge the fatigue or frustration from too much work. Few have yet to confront busyness as a form of meanness. Busyness is the cause or justification for much of the discourtesy that has become chronic in our public space, and in our workplaces. Out of busyness we settle for expediency rather than a richer exploration of opportunities and impacts. Busyness increasingly precludes personal contact, or radically foreshortens human interaction. And just as it intrudes on our social and family life, busyness also curtails or stunts interior life.
Read full article | April 2, 2005

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