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Mission & Method

Polishing Ethical Professionalism

  1. Founding Purpose
    To advance a global ethic for the global economy.
    • To participate in multi-disciplinary projects creating a moral framework for global social, environmental and economic exchange.
    • To research and study the inter-cultural and inter-faith dialogues exploring universal human rights and obligations.
    • To provide input into global business ethics initiatives.
  2. Operating Mission
    To work with managers and companies to develop an integrated process for ethical excellence.
    • Contributing ethics governance counsel to Boards and executives.
    • Extending strategic analysis and planning to include ethical dimensions.
    • Adding ethical insight and motivation to corporate values.
    • Developing systems and training support for ethics enhancement.
    • Establishing trust measures and ethics audits.
    • Adding value to branding and marketing through ethical accountability.
  3. Operating Methodology
    To nurture an ethical orientation through collaboration, engaging the wisdom and aspirations of managers and employees to co-formulate the approach that best resonates with those responsible for living their values.
    • Co-develop ethical diagnostics and audits.
    • Co-define the ordering ethical principles.
    • Co-design ethical practices and processes.
    • Co-create strategic and operational opportunities.
    • Co-manage learning and integrity implementation.
    • Co-measure progress and impacts.

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